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Free Range Duck Boned and Seasoned

$ 134.70 
- Pay 25% now, and the rest at pickup
approx. 3kg

A roast duck brings a sense of tradition to the Christmas table. These free range whole Pekin ducks are sourced from Great Ocean Ducks. Ready to cook, we use Great Ocean Ducks Pasture Raised Pekin Ducks to create this fabulous Christmas product. This free range duck has been deboned, stuffed with port soaked fig, pork and veal gluten free stuffing; then tied with string leaving the drumsticks and wings for exceptional presentation. Great Ocean Ducks are wonderfully unique, raised by Greg and Jodi Clarke on their 16-hectare property overlooking Port Campbell, near the Twelve Apostles and Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The ducks are pasture raised, fed on a diet of strawberries, figs and other fruits. These sensational ducks can be found on the menus at many of Melbourne's best restaurants, and are now available for you to enjoy at home. Taste the difference, it's remarkable.

Speak to your friendly Peter Bouchier representative in-store about allergens in this product.

$ 33.65 

Pay the rest at pickup

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Christmas pre-order questions

What do I need to bring with me to collect my order?

Having your order confirmation email on your phone or printed is useful, so we can confirm your order details. As a minimum, we need your name and contact number.

Can I get Christmas products with my usual online order?

We will add a selection of Christmas products to our regular online store throughout December, however we are not able to take orders in advance for home delivery of Christmas products.

Can I pay for my order up-front?

Pricing is dependent on product weight, which is why we only take a deposit. The deposit value is set at 25% of the estimated total price, the remaining value is payable at collection.

How do I cook my Christmas products?

The cooking guides for all your Christmas products are found on our recipes page here. We also teamed up with our friend Adrian Richardson to create some useful demonstration videos to show you how it’s done!